Welcome to my TedEd training, The Heart of Business.

It was created to help you think about your business, yourself and your clients a little differently.

This was recorded before the start of the global events we are all experiencing now, because I have always believed this is the future of business. 

Take a moment to dive into the powerful shifts you can make to build your business using your strengths and values.


To get the best out of this training:

Listen to the talk

Take some time for yourself to go through the workbook. You may want to start the video again and stop to answer the questions as you go.

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Are you craving a deeper connection with your business and your clients?

Does your business support you in creating meaning, impact and income? 


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In the wake of world events, we are all looking for greater connection, more humanity, and deeper meaning to everything we do.

Your clients and customers are no different, and neither are you. 

It has become even more evident that changes need to be made and this video will guide you through some of those first steps.

These shifts will help you live and work in greater harmony with yourself, your clients and the world around you.

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Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or feedback.

I am happy to hear from you.

I’m Donna Brown, help successful visionaries design their business in ways that impact millions.

Over three decades of working with clients in fields as diverse as fashion, foodservice, online entrepreneurs and even a former Buddhist monk, I have gathered a very full toolbox.

My biggest joy?

Helping you bring your vision to life for yourself, your business and the world.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Get your companion workbook

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