The Business Design Partnership

The Partnership has been specifically created for entrepreneurs with a multiple six-figure business or more and who are looking renew and review their business model to create expansive growth to seven or more figures.

This is a hands-on, 360 degree partnership. We look at all aspects of your business to find the hidden opportunities and money, how to scale into a business that feels even more like you than the one you have now.

Take full advantage of my thirty-five years of creative and business consulting in such diverse sectors as television, fashion, design, food service, marketing, and publishing.

This is not a typical mentorship or coaching “package”. This is standing by your side with you IN your business, not from the outside looking in.

There are several ways we can work together and for each client I propose a unique solution that meets all of your needs and expectations.

The best business for you is the one created for you and you alone.

If the possibilities intrigue, excite and even scare you a little, we could be the perfect fit.

Book a no pressure, only if it’s right for both of us call. Would love to get to know you more whether we do business or not.

Thank you!


A confirmation email is on its way. Your workbook will come once you are confirmed.