The Business Design Intensive

This is designed specifically for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business to 6,7 even 8 figures but wants to feel like the more they grow the freer they are and the more impact they have.

The online market has changed.

Gone are the days when it’s enough to have a signature system and a ton of modules to attract the right people – and in most cases, that kind of business model doesn’t fit your best work.

Want to stand out from the crowd, grow your business in a way that feels amazing AND earns you what you want?  

Dive deep with Donna, who will use her decades of consulting and design experience to find the hidden treasures, earning opportunities, new ideas and products that you have been dreaming of and                                                  a roadmap on how to achieve them.

The Business Design Intensive will:

Bring your skills, gifts, dreams and desires into one unique package that is YOUR BUSINESS

Bring you deep inderstanding of the clients your are meant to serve and how you are meant to serve them

Have absolute clarity over your market positioning and messaging

Create large vision, an expansive roadmap that contain 

This thirty-day process includes:
– a deep self-assessment                                                                                                                                  – 
one three-hour and three ninety-minute sessions just you and me                                                              – unlimited email and chat support                                                                                                                – earning projections based on where you are now and where you want to be                                             
– offer descriptions                                                                                                                                          – ideal pricing for your work and your offers
– you unique marketing strategies and positioning                                                                                        – client and lead generation funnels

The result? Your own UNIQUE custom business design model for your business     

After sharing the business design, we then work together to set priorities and next steps so you have absolute clarity about your long-term and short term goals and steps.

Whether you are a seven-figure earner or still trying to hit your first six figures, the roadmap takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Thank you!


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