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Soul Craft Business Retreat. Jan 27 – Feb 2

There is so much noise out there.
It’s hard to think, let alone connect to yourself and what you truly want to create. 
Take this time for you. For your business. For your dreams. Come away refreshed, inspired and with a plan of action full of grace and wisdom.

The Soul Craft Business Retreat is a whole week of reflection, inner work, and inspired action. My gift to you.


 A week of free workshops and live coaching with expert business mentor, Donna Brown

Create and connect with vision for your business and the concrete roadmap to make it a reality with Donna Brown, expert business mentor and visionary. She’ll take you through the phases of what it takes to create a successful business. If you’re are out of love with your business, revenue is flagging or are ready to up-level, there is something here for you.

 Get yourself back on track with an inspired business, a deep soul-connection to your people and a business model that doesn’t have an expiry date.

If your revenue is languishing and you can’t seem to hit your stride, the live workshops, laser coaching, live Q&As and Akashic Records readings are designed to bring clarity and move you into massive action. 


Dream bigger than ever before. Step into who you are meant to be. Fall in love with your business all over again.

You, and the people you serve, deserve a business that feels like a calling. You’ll discover ways of mining your own experience for income and inspiration, learn how to connect with your soul tribe, and how to create a business that is the highest, most expansive manifestation of everything you are meant to be.

So you know you’re in great hands…

You gave me another perspective on my business world and I appreciate that. You were kind, wise and held the space for me to explore all the wisdom you provided. I will sit back and allow the wisdom to percolate then apply it to my business… Thank you.

If you need clarity on your business purpose and direction you need her in your life.

- Star Monroe

Donna help me get clear on what I wanted to work on during my session together. During the process and in the week that followed, I experienced new insights, mindset shifts and a deeper level of self-awareness.

Donna also helped me to improve my self-talk by changing the words I was using so they were more empowering. It was simple but effective! I appreciated her wisdom, genuine care and support while going deep into personal insights. 

This process works QUICKLY because I noticed a massive shift… at supper tonight. I’ll be tapping back into this energy/quality often. Thanks again!!!

- Faith Presley

After working with Donna Brown, (for less than a week…mind blown) it’s clear why my website is discombobulated and my business, well, under construction. BUT NO MORE!
Donna asked some hard questions and had me analyse my career. I did the homework and OMG…she brought in the richness of all my experience in publishing and a way to offer it with the things I love: the inner, intuitive spiritual work focusing the tools I love to share: meditation, numerology, and my gifts through connection, writing, teaching, collaborations and bringing people together for group sessions and retreats… I have so much more to offer to the world. It is an extraordinary path, and I can’t wait to share it as it unfolds.

- Pamela Lynch


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