Tayo and I first met through Mary Simms, PR extraordinaire. A self-described ‘21st century gentleman’, Tayo is a breath of minty fresh air in a polarized world. He’s well-travelled, well-read, and is passionate about using his talent for storytelling to bring about a positive change in the world. He uses his position as the Founder and CEO of UYD to bridge cultural gaps and the miscommunications that arise from them, and replace them with a culture of mutual understanding and benefit. His podcast Told by Nomads ranked #2 globally in Entrepreneur’s Business Podcast ranking.

So you can imagine how incredibly humbled I am that he invited me to share my story with his listeners.

Here are some of the things I shared with Tayo and his As Told by Nomads tribe:

  • The role of mindfulness in your business
  • Why your life doesn’t need one big calling
  • The non-linear path that I took to finding my purpose
  • How you need to be the content, not the container
  • Why elevator pitches are a bad idea
  • The one thing Kodak needed to know to stay #1


Did you enjoy the episode? What are your thoughts? What guides you in your business journey?

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