September 27th, 2017

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Edmonton, AB


September 28th, 2017

4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Edmonton, AB


One day to free your soul and transform your business!

Homestead Coworking

10526 Jasper Ave NW

Edmonton, Alberta



How to feel blissed out, inspired and fulfilled

about your business and your life


while balancing the roles of mother, daughter, partner, friend, book reader and belly dancer  


you can be a role model to your children, and heck , even to yourself  


Having to hire a hundred coaches or buy a thousand programs or What most people don’t know is 

Personal transformation is probably the most powerful tool you have to build a successful business

Free Your Soul, Build Your Business 

The more your business is aligned with your soul purpose, the more you will be successful, abundant and fulfilled  

You finally get what all the hype is about being in flow, in alignment is all about   The confidence you have about making decisions, that quiet knowing what is right for you and your clients, is such an incredible sensation. You ask yourself,  

“Why didn’t I do this sooner? What was I waiting for?”

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Come to the Blissed Out Business Experience,


$333 CAD or bring a friend and save 20%! 

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You’re deeply connected with your dreams and desires, you know your soul purpose and soul business.


You are free to play


while serving the world


and honouring who you are at the deepest level.


The mindset and law of attraction tools you use are second nature to you. Manifesting your heart’s desire is the order of the day


 You have built your business from the soul up.







We are asked to hustle and bustle…we are told the set rules for being successful in business…




We are told this is how it should be done….but if you really look at the people who are inspiringly successful, they follow no playbook or set of rules.




They listened to their intuition.


Their dreams. Their soul.


And then they took relentless action.


 They forged their own path – the unconventional way.




We expect the same results by following formulas, cookie-cutter solutions and someone else’s business model.


You, your gifts, your purpose and the soul business aren’t meant for that.


 The people you followand admire actually listened to their gut feelings and cultivated their ideas until they blossomed


they became unstoppable.



They blissed out on their business.


 That is their secret sauce…


And that is exactly what we want you to experience with us in the


Blissed Out Business Experience.




Donna Brown

I’m Donna Brown, a visionary business strategist, intuitive and idea machine. I create sustainable, profitable and long term models for online entrepreneurs grounded in their purpose and gifts.

What does that even mean? It means I take your business with all its ugly systems and negative cash flow and turn it into something truly incredible that brings in the money, the joy and the impact – all through the power of strategic thinking, intuitive insights and a team of world class experts, both spiritual and hard core business.

I have worked with everyone from food service companies to large retail companies to online entrepreneurs, an aspiring marijuana maven, and a former Buddhist monk.

I have over thirty years experience as a consultant in fashion, interior and home design, lifestyle, publishing, television and as an author. Every project I have ever had has always started with my intuitive vision for my clients and their business, the blueprint to get there and the execution. So when I say I know business, you better believe me.

Only I’m not just about business.

I am a corporate-based mindfulness facilitator and practice pranic healing and Transformational Mindfulness Methods techniques with my 1:1 clients.

Any success I have stems from the profound spiritual practices I have developed and the wonderful teachers and guides I have worked with to bring wisdom, clarity and compassion into my own life and business.

My purpose is for you to truly understand that the foundations of your business lie within you.

By shifting your perspective and deepening your understanding of your work and your core purpose, your business results become the natural consequence of your spiritual growth.

Neha Nayak

Neha is a Success Coach, Akashic Records Business Consultant and Inspirational Speaker. She is a Quantum Success certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and certified Soul Mastery Akashic Records Consultant.

She worked in the Oil and Gas industry as an Engineer prior to venturing into the online business world. Due to the power, depth and accuracy of her coaching and readings, in a very short amount of time she has worked with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them with both their love life and their businesses by tapping into the sacred field of Akasha.  

As a Soul Explorer, Spiritual Junkie and Law of Attraction Expert, she is on a mission to help high-achieving women find their personal and professional blocks that keep them stuck in disruptive patterns. Neha helps them find long-lasting solutions to call in more serenity and abundance in all areas of their life.

We lay it all out. We hold nothing back.

Are you up for it?

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In the Blissed Out Business Experience

we take you on a deep-dive journey to really see what’s possible for you.

Give yourself to the permission

to dream big

to create something so beautiful that only you can imagine…..

to ask for something you’ve always wanted


Now is the time to go on a journey 

into the unchartered depths of who you are and how you are meant to move in this world.

Open that beautiful treasure chest of YOU and set free the magic that is your gift, to yourself and to the world


Join us. We’ll guide you every step of the way.


Take the time to really sit with yourself and give yourself the permission to know what your heart truly desires

KNOW it is possible for you to be blissed out on your business and your life.



We will deep-dive into your Soul Purpose and Soul Business by tapping into your Akashic Records…into how spirituality is the key to transforming your business and your life 


You will deepen your self-awareness and strengthen your self-reliance;

Two essential pillars of expressing yourself as a human being and of your business.


We all need mentors, support and community, but most of all –


you need to trust your inner voice, your instincts, your vision for yourself.


That is what knowing your Soul Purpose and your Soul

Business will do for you.

Your Soul Purpose and Soul Business are calling…

Let us know who referred you!

Now it’s time to take what you know and what you dream of to create your

This is where you free your soul, free your dreams free your imagination!

Dream big, dream bigger, dream bigger still


As we guide you through exercise and visualizations, your ideal world and business will begin to reveal itself to you – and we guarantee some surprises!


What is a vision without a concrete plan to make it come true?

I’m ready to dream BIG!

Share the Dream.

Bring a Friend & Save 20%!

Let us know who referred you!

This is where you will begin to create your Blissed Out Business Blueprint so you can take

Know the next crucial and aligned steps to succeed in your business, to bring your vision to life.


Expect Massive Shifts on all levels of your Life and your Business as they both are integral part.


Expect more abundance and Bliss to flow into your Life and your Business.

More dream clients….more ideas and offers…more fun…more laughter…more health…more wealth, abundance and joy.

Are you ready to take action?

Only $333 CAD

Bring a Friend and Save 20% each!

Let us know who referred you!


“Neha has a gift for connecting with her clients and holding a powerful and sacred space for them. Before speaking with Neha, I was experiencing feelings of doubt about the path I was on. I felt so at peace as Neha provided me with profound clarity. I experienced feelings of alignment coupled with a deep knowing and truth about my life’s path. Not only did I receive clarity, but also felt as if I received the permission I needed to move ahead with certain areas of my life. Neha has such a great energy that could be felt from thousands of miles away. She’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. If you are looking to make a deeper connection with yourself and your life’s purpose, Neha’s your go-to girl!”

Sabrina Coella

“I wanted to take a moment to share how amazing and powerful an Akashic reader Neha Nayak is!
I had the divine experience of receiving two of her power sessions.
Neha is such a multidimensionally gifted and pure energy. In her sessions she stays very focused and zones into very specifics. She is able to tune into exact precise details, depths and nuances including names and very exact things you are supposed to do or receive or work into in your specific situation.
And she is one of the most compassionate, present and dearest beings you will ever encounter. Her depth of purity and kindness wraps you up in safety and ever receiving.
She gently and clearly guided me to a next level concrete dimension of creation in my business and really stretched the beam of my own calling and radiance in big ways.
In another session she helped me tons to clarify much around my unique twin flame journey. Her energy pick ups and works of deep clarity and knowing in the records were spot on. I received astounding confirmations and results of the powerful clearing and work she shared within 24 hours itself. She suggested tons of the deep tender and vulnerable reflections of my journey that i knew deep within in guidance and big levels and yet the power and support of another high level human presence always anchors the truth home that i couldnt have received just on my own self. her clearing work helped shift the expansion of my own inner love vortex in big ways and it was even astounding for me to observe
I have been following the instructions she gave me around that area and the energy is totally moving in the right directions in a greater yet gentle and practical way ever since.
i am forever grateful to Neha and all of who she is and look forward to continued works with her! And of course i do insist everyone experiences her works. .It is not even a suggestion anymore. I feel experiencing her is mandatory for anyone who wants to receive any level of next upgrade in any area of her life.
~ with love and gratitude ~”

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi

“I had amazing session with Donna Brown yesterday and hot damn did she ever blow my damn mind.

She pulled stuff out of me that I didn’t even know I was hiding and I’m ready to unleash a whole new kind of Cassie that you guys have never seen before!

Donna is seriously the person that you need to hire… She’ll tell you exactly what kind of business will work best for you and how to do it in a way that feels good AND makes you money.

Send her a message and hire that woman!”

Cassie Howard

“I highly recommend an Akashic Records Session with Neha! She has such a calming energy that even if you are working through heavy issues it feels safe and nurturing. She is also an amazing guide that has the ability to access sacred information that can help you to move forward, Such a treat to have a session with her!”

Tracy Gaudet

“Donna has such a gift for seeing the vision of what your business can be and translating that to you in a way that feels both do-able and expansive. I am someone that tends to focus on short-term goals an incremental growth. This has helped me grow my business quickly, but it means my long-term vision is often very fluid. When Donna presented my business vision I was blown away because it was so obvious, yet something I just couldn’t have seen myself. I am so grateful for her vision, her expertise, and her ability to see the opportunities available for me and everyone she touches. This woman has a gift, and if you don’t know what your big vision is…she is the person to help you see it!”

Lacey Stiles

“Neha saw my anguish even before I uttered a word. She had compassion in her eyes, as if she already knew, already understood my torment, she understood my feelings of being battered like a tattered flag still trying to make it’s mark flapping in the storm. In her, I found solace, to me, she represented peace – a quiet, sandy beach, waves lapping at my feet as they greeted me. All of this, without either of us uttering a word, only looking at each other. The above is only a brief description of my very first video call with Neha Nayak with whom I had an Akashic records reading. At the time, I was at a crossroads in my life, I still am but the difference is I don’t feel lost any more. While I battle some personal problems, I was also seeking a specific direction in which to take my business. Through the hour long call, Neha gave me not only direction but a sense of purpose, she re-instilled the faith I had lost in myself, in my abilities by enabling me to identify my fears and face them, she helped me realise that all my fears were self-created and I really had nothing to fear, I just needed to remain true to who I am. The direction she gave me for my business was something I didn’t notice as I hadn’t realised before this reading that I was naturally talented for this and I really enjoyed it. I am really excited to take this new direction with all my determination. To say I am grateful to Neha for this reading is an understatement. She took me on a journey from being battered, exhausted, lost, confused, depressed and desperate to being calm, confident, determined, strong: she helped me rediscover the warrior in me. Neha, thank you are two really small words for what you have done for me. I remain forever grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kalyani Pardeshi

“Don’t even hesitate. Savvy, resourceful, visionary, caring, supportive, generous and mind blowing, Donna is the new type of heart centered mentor that I was waiting for.

Basically, I am finally on track with tangible, inspiring and lucrative opportunities clearly outlined.

Working with Donna is simply the best thing that happened to me this year.”

Ida C. Young-Bondi

“Donna’s work is beyond amazing and sky rocketing in the world for truly grounding an authentic business that is absolutely in highest alignment with your Self. 

Donna truly zones into the very core of your soul and she is able to see and channel your deepest shining light and purpose, your magnificent and authentic vision, the stretches of expansion that you are not seeing for your self in the now or immediate sense but are here to move into. 

In her process she will be clearly and authentically see if your business is a true reflection of your purpose, if you are truly aligned and called to serve from your truth and soul purpose and ready to stretch into the next from there. She is also able to see the highest value exchange of your gifts and services and bring the authentic soul vision blue print aligned with your highest money and finances expansion.

You are never going to be the same when you start working with her and dive in with her process.

I have literally seen this again and again that Donna truly gets from the highest radar sense and deeper zoning into the spotlight of your true calling. So if what you are doing is not in alignment to your highest truth and purpose, you shall surely be able to find out what is in non alignment and if you are willing to be brave and put the work, you will super fast get into alignment. 

If you are already in track with your vision, your highest purpose and expansion journey, there is always indeed way so so so much you could inculcate and cultivate in your journey through her seeing, her clear mentorship, her guiding support and her visions which is way beyond and out of the world.

What she can see for you in alignment of your highest purpose, you dont see it yet no matter how big and expansive your envisioning process is. And not only would you not see it yet you would also not be able to grasp the next steps which would bring you the exact results.

Donna has all of the gifts, intuition, immense seership as well as absolutely grounded strategies that not only help the envisioning expansion process and the higher truth of your business grow into you as these are so in sync with your soul gifts, you will also be perfectly growing with them inside and out and they would make all the exact senses to you very very rapidly!

In my experience with Donna over and over again I have seen , received and felt the results from her immensely spirit tuned in and grounded works. In her work she is literally able to tap into the direct download of an individual’s soul business akashic blueprints of one’s divine business and soul gifts. She is also able to expand and go deeper to the very grounded next step processes to help one realize the crucial steps and active actions, planning and strategies needed to move forward and create the fluid flow needed.

What she is bringing to each individual and in accelerating the growth of new paradigm of business is priceless, beyond powerful and absolutely needed. Her work is not only important for each individual in the world who is stepping into their highest soul aligned business consciousness, this is for the global paradigm of grounded shifting of how they operate in conscious business expansion. 

Embrace her work with your heart, soul and practical implementations and allow yourself to be changed towards your highest expansion and dream business forever ~*~ 

in love, heart and gratitude ~”

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi


Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
Thursday, September 28th, 2017


One full day of growing and sharing, discovery and confirmation, dreaming and scheming


Your blissfully-packed hours

will take you on a journey 

to combine your spiritual growth with your business  

(Value 350)

Guide you in the creation of a Business Vision

that is vast, powerful and clear and will set the course, the North Star of your success, whether you choose to have the readings or not. Remember that we are both intuitives!  

( readings + business model, value 1500)


At the end of the day, you will have tools, methods and a concrete blueprint to take

(Value 350)


We have built in a super secret not-so-secret savings!

All prices are in CAD and not our usual USD prices. Another 20% savings!

Total value of the Blissed Out Business Experience
2200 CAD


Available for 333 CAD


Save 20% when you bring a friend! 


Please note:
To keep an intimate setting there are limited spaces. Book quickly. We wouldn’t want you to miss out!


(Value 1600 CAD)

The first 5 People who sign up get a free Akashic Record Soul Purpose and Soul Business Readings PLUS Laser Coaching on their unique business model

(Value 750)

FOR EVERYONE: Two 90-min group calls to be held over the 30 days following the event. Such deep transformation, when set in motion, needs to be sustained. Some shifts come quickly, others take more time. We want to support you with all of them!

(Value 450)

FOR EVERYONE: Facebook Group to follow up and continue your Blissed Out experience

(Value 400)




Do I have to get the Akashic Record Readings and laser coaching to get value out of the day?

Absolutely not! Everything is geared to be a transformative experience for you. We regularly teach the  coaching, mindset tools, exercises and law of attraction coaching on money, wealth and blocks on their own.

But who doesn’t want to know their Soul Purpose and their Soul Business? AND get intuitive laser-coaching about your precise business model?

Do I need to already have a business to get something out of this day?

Short answer: nope. It would be a good idea if you have an idea of the things you would like to do. Donna Brown has provided creative consulting for physical, digital, creative and media products as well as services. Her clients? The largest foodservice equipment group of the world, prominent TV production companies, Fashion Brands – you know, the ones who have shows in Milan and Paris, media and publishing groups and more. She is equally comfortable discussing a start-up, a multi-billion dollar company, a philanthropic foundation and anything else you can come up with in-between.

Neha has access to your Akashic Records. These are yours always, no matter what stage of your journey you are at. The information is very precise: right down to the format and pricing of this event, for instance. She is also a certified Law of Attraction and Mindset coach.
Give us your biggest challenges. We’re up for it.

Can I switch days if something comes up?

Yes and no is the answer. It would depend on the availability.  We have chosen a space that would feel intimate and comfortable – that also means we cannot accept a lot of people. Our goal is to be able to dedicate each and every one of you our time and attention, so it can’t be a cast of thousands.

Is there a refund to the live event?

There is not. HOWEVER, if you aren’t able to come, you can gift your ticket to someone else. Just let us know who they are so we let them in!

This also includes the readings and laser coaching offer. It is designed and conceived for people to get the most out of the live event.

We do offer this service as 1:1 and as part of a mastermind which will be starting soon.

How do I get in touch with you?

We’re crazy bananas and we’re giving you Neha’s cell phone number if you would like to ask us any questions ( we’re basically joined at the hip these days).

We can also be reached at

Is there some sort of recording?

There should be! We are going to have an audio recording for sure and are working on a video of the day (to be confirmed).

Why do I have to give my birthdate?

We promise we won’t tell anyone how old you are or are not. To access your records, we do need your full name (at birth) and your date and place of birth.

Do you have something you would like to ask us? Want to make sure this is a good fit for you?

Please get in touch.

Call us at +1-780-616-1000, Neha Nayak

or write us at


You know you want to come.

It’s time to sign up!

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