Is your business a money-making spiritual practice?

Do you feel like your business is not giving you that deep satisfaction you thought it would?

Do you feel you have to choose between a spiritual life and a successful business?

The truth is, you don’t.

The opposite is true.

Without a deep grounding in all that is spiritual about YOU and your work, you will struggle to find the happiness you are looking for.

Find the path to having both.

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Ascended Business Series

April 29th – May 9th


Take your first steps to discovering what it would feel like to have a business that represents ALL of who you are.


Are you ready to make your business profitable, spiritual AND magical?

Don’t even hesitate. Savvy, resourceful, visionary, caring, supportive, generous and mind blowing,

Donna is the new type of heart centered mentor that I was waiting for. Basically, I am finally on my tracks with tangible, inspiring and lucrative opportunities clearly outlined.

Working with Donna is simply the best thing that happened to me this year.

Ida C. Young-Bondi

I had amazing session with Donna Brown yesterday and hot damn did she ever blow my damn mind.

She pulled stuff out of me that I didn’t even know I was hiding and I’m ready to unleash a whole new kind of Cassie that you guys have never seen before!

Donna is seriously the person that you need to hire… She’ll tell you exactly what kind of business will work best for you and how to do it in a way that feels good AND makes you money.

Send her a message and hire that woman!

Cassie Howard

Donna has such a gift for seeing the vision of what your business can be and translating that to you in a way that feels both do-able and expansive. I am someone that tends to focus on short-term goals an incremental growth. This has helped me grow my business quickly, but it means my long-term vision is often very fluid. When Donna presented my business vision I was blown away because it was so obvious, yet something I just couldn’t have seen myself. I am so grateful for her vision, her expertise, and her ability to see the opportunities available for me and everyone she touches. This woman has a gift, and if you don’t know what your big vision is…she is the person to help you see it!
Lacey Craig

I’m Donna Browna transformational business strategist and intuitive. I create sustainable, profitable and long term models for online entrepreneurs grounded in their purpose and gifts.

What does that even mean? It means I take your business with all its ugly systems and negative cash flow and turn it into something truly incredible that brings in the money, the joy and the impact –

all through the power of strategic thinking, intuitive insights and a team of world class experts, both spiritual and hard core business.

I have worked with everyone from food service companies to large retail companies to online entrepreneurs to an aspiring marijuana maven.

I have over thirty years experience as a consultant in fashion, interior and home design, lifestyle, publishing, television and as an author. Every project I have ever had has always started with my intuitive vision for my clients and their business, the blueprint to get there and the execution. So when I say I know business, you better believe me.

Only I’m not just about business.

I am a corporate-based mindfulness facilitator and practice pranic healing and Transformational Mindfulness Methods techniques with my 1:1 clients.

Any success I have stems from the profound spiritual practices I have developed and the wonderful teachers and guides I have worked with to bring wisdom, clarity and compassion into my own life and business.

My purpose is for you to truly understand that the foundations of your business lie within you.

By shifting your perspective and deepening your understanding of your work and your core purpose, your business results become the natural consequence of your spiritual growth.

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Ascended Business.

What is it and why do you even want one?

Great question!

The world is changing – for the better.

More and more people are striking out into the world to make their mark as a solopreneur and with that, comes the desire to make more impact, to earn a wonderful and abundant living and to be fulfilled.

A lot of people are  choosing a path of business only. Others have undertaken a mostly spiritual path.

Only there’s a big misunderstanding.

The paths are and can be one and the same. That is why I am holding this webinar series.

So where do we start and how do we combine the two?

In this series we will:

  • Examine how business is evolving in the online and offline world so you can be at the front of the trends and take advantage of this incredible time in history.  

  • Have a better grasp of why you would even want to start meditating on a regular basis (hint: clarity and vision for your business is only part of it).

  • Understand the true power and reason behind self-love, loving kindness, intention and even wisdom (yes, we’re going that deep).

These core principles influence your business and can bring powerful shifts in your mission and vision as they become a part of your everyday experience.


  • Discover the important role archetypes play in our core purpose, in our relationship with money, business, ideal clients and more. Once you learn to recognise how they play within yourself, it will immediately change the way you show up in business, save you oodles of time in copy and creating offers.

  • Discover how the ancient but new principles of loving kindness, ethics and intention can shift your perception and turn your business into a powerful voice in the world.

This webinar series is another step on your journey to creating a business and living a life that is the ultimate expression of who you are and what you are meant to offer the world.

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These amazing guest speakers will also be part of the upcoming

Ascended Business Mastermind.

Am so honoured to call them friends but more than that, they are teachers, guides and family.

I know their work intimately and cannot think of any better gift than to bring their work to you.

Davide Cova

Davide Cova brings incredible warmth, humanity, humour and experience to his sessions and teachings of Buddhist psychology, philosophy and meditation in many centers throughout Italy and the world. He completed the challenging seven-year Masters in Buddhist Studies at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Italy, was an ordained monk for several years and completed several long retreats.
Davide is a Biosystemic Counsellor, founder of The Shamata School of Counseling and the Buddhist center, Centro Dorje Ling, in Lazio Italy. His past studies and work in international politics and conflict resolution for the UN, being partner to Francesca and father of three small children gives him an expansive vision yet very down-to-earth of ascended business and the possibilities we have to create our reality and train our minds.

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi is a professional channel, spiritual healer and psychic who has been helping conscious evolutionary seekers in the expansion of their fullness and growth for past few years. In recent times she has been working deeply with conscious entrepreneurs and creators to elevate the conscious acceleration of their businesses and their whole being in the highest expansion and grounded planes.
“It is my honor and deepest joy to bring this to you at this sacred gathering to support the next levels of your conscious growth and business journey.”

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