About me

I coach seekers.

Remarkable people who design their life with purpose and passion.

I help them unleash their true potential to create a powerful inspiring life, to dream big and then dream bigger still.

People often ask my why I coach. My answer is simple.

I know exactly what it is like to feel that you are wasting your life and your talents and I am fierce about not letting that happen to anyone else if I can help it.

The road to coaching and to where I am now in life has been long and often tortuous. I most definitely cannot say I made my fair share of mistakes…

What I can say, is that my challenges and obstacles made me who I am today. They gave me the courage and the strength to look deeply into myself and to find and learn all the tools to re-build my life, my self-confidence, to take my life into my own hands and to create my happiness, one step at a time.

I have regained that child-like ability to dream that is now combined with the awareness of my power, my talents, my values and my energy.

My deepest desire is for you to experience this in your life too.

I want to share everything that transformed my way of thinking, feeling, doing and being.

I have a gift for ideas, connections and how to build your business creatively and authentically in a way that resonates with your deepest most precious self.

I guide people on an extraordinary voyage of inner discovery to manifest outwardly.

My clients have not turned their world upside down, they have expanded it exponentially to do their heart’s desire more easily, more successfully, more confidently than they ever imagined.

My clients are willing to go all in. And so am I.

If you are a seeker, if this is you, let’s talk to see if working together is a good fit.

Donna Brown

Donna Brown runs an international coaching consultancy based in Milan, Italy and Ottawa, Canada.

The methodology is an intertwining of contemplative practices, creative visualization, deep coaching and brainstorming techniques. Coaching is bespoke and not time-based.

Amongst her clients are internationally renowned designers, spiritual mentors and teachers, artists and specialists in the food-service industry.

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